Choosing the Perfect Length for Your Necklace: 16"+2" or 18"+2"

Choosing the Perfect Length for Your Necklace: 16"+2" or 18"+2"

When it comes to selecting a gold necklace, one critical decision is determining the ideal length. The right length not only emphasizes the beauty of the necklace but also enhances your overall look.

                                                                                          16"+2"                                  18"+2"

In this guide, we will explore two popular options: the 16"+2" and the 18"+2" length variations. By considering factors such as personal style, occasion, and neckline, you can make an informed choice that perfectly complements your jewelry collection.

  •  Understanding Necklace Lengths:

Necklace lengths are typically measured from end to end, excluding the pendant or additional extensions. The numbers mentioned, such as 16" or 18", represent the primary length of the necklace, while the "+2"" indicates the presence of a chain extender that adds flexibility in adjusting the fit.

  •  The 16" +2" Necklace:

The 16"+2" necklace is an elegant and classic option, often referred to as a princess or collar length necklace. It rests just above the collarbone, making it perfect for showcasing pendants or charms. This length pairs exceptionally well with V-neck, boat neck, or off-the-shoulder tops and exudes a chic and sophisticated vibe. Additionally, the 2" extender allows for slight adjustments to achieve a comfortable fit for various neck sizes.

  • The 18"+2" Necklace:

The 18"+2" necklace, commonly known as matinee length, is slightly longer than the 16" option. It falls at the center of the bust, creating a graceful and versatile look. This length works beautifully with crew neck, scoop neck, or high-neckline outfits. Whether worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other necklaces, the 18"+2" length adds a touch of elegance to any ensemble. The extender ensures that it can be adjusted to suit your preference and neckline style.

  • Personal Style Considerations:

When choosing between the 16"+2" and 18"+2" necklace lengths, it's essential to consider your personal style. If you prefer a more delicate and refined look or have a shorter neck, the 16"+2" option may be ideal. On the other hand, if you desire a slightly longer necklace that sits lower on your chest, the 18"+2" necklace offers versatility and an elegant aesthetic.

  •  Occasion and Neckline Compatibility:

The occasion and neckline of your attire also play a crucial role in determining the right necklace length. For formal events or professional settings, the 18"+2" necklace is well-suited, as it presents a polished and sophisticated appearance. Conversely, the 16"+2" necklace is a great choice for casual outings or when you want to add a touch of glamour to everyday wear. Consider the neckline of your outfit, ensuring it harmonizes with the chosen necklace length to create a balanced and visually pleasing look.

Choosing the perfect length for your gold necklace is a decision that should be based on personal style, occasion, and neckline compatibility.

The 16"+2" and 18"+2" options offer distinct aesthetics, allowing you to tailor your jewelry selection to your preferences. Remember, the right necklace length not only enhances the beauty of your solid gold jewelry but also accentuates your individuality and completes your overall look with elegance and grace.


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