Custom Jewelry Is More Than Just Decoration

Custom Jewelry Is More Than Just Decoration

Medical ID Bracelet

A medical ID bracelet is a device used to store and transmit personal medical information, usually worn on the wrist. These bracelets are particularly useful in emergency situations because they can quickly provide first responders or medical personnel with important health information about the wearer, such as allergic reactions, chronic illnesses, medication allergies, emergency contacts, and more.

When choosing medical ID jewelry, it is important to note how much information needs to be engraved on it!

  • Name.

You should always write your name on any medical ID bracelet, as it allows first responders to immediately recognize you and find you.

Even better is to write your family's contact information and name on the other side so that they can be reached in an emergency.

  • Medical Status

Typically, bracelets are small enough that you can abbreviate letters, but be sure to check and use abbreviations that are recognized by emergency providers.

Some examples of abbreviations include:
Allergies - ALGY
Congestive heart failure - GHD
Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus - IDDM
Hearing Impairment - HI
Multiple sclerosis - MS
No Known Allergies - NKA
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD
Parkinson's disease - PD

Finding professionally recognized abbreviations based on your condition can be a great help!


Memory Storage

We came across a very touching incident where the client and his sister wanted to customize a sound wave that was a message from their father when he was alive, expressing his love for his children.

Now we can store the sound on photo frames refrigerator stickers and other wall hangings so we can view it whenever we want.

In this case, we are happy to help people provide their own sound wave audio for customization, and we will suggest the right size and rendering to ensure the final state.

Audio necklaces, audio bracelets, etc. are available for this function!

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