Emotional Interweaving of Nature and Fashion

Emotional Interweaving of Nature and Fashion

The Met Gala has come to an end with a lot of attention, and this year's theme “Garden of Time” was a mix of natural and fashionable emotions, with a lot of floral and botanical shapes seen on the famous Met Gala red carpet.

In the global environment, how to live in harmony with nature is also a concern, there are many spontaneous public service organizations, such as the protection of sea turtles breeding... Take away the plastic from nature... And so on, jewelry is indispensable in the lives of many people, no matter how old they are, earrings rings and so on are always being updated and purchased, which is probably the gift of the girls.

Elinee has a special section on the content of karat gold and how it differs from other alloys. Pure gold jewelry is jewelry that can be kept for a long time and can even be given to professionals to change its form into your favorite style. Combining nature and fashion, we have several pieces of jewelry that we can recommend:

We have incorporated elements from nature, leaves, rainbows and flower bud shapes, combined with gemstones to shape solid gold jewelry.

Including now our newly opened series — Pearl K Gold. The pearl itself comes from the gift of nature and has been one of the favorite themes of jewelry since the 18th century. We have written a blog for the pearls and other pearl varieties used by the brand, in the hope that our customers know enough about its qualities and drawbacks before buying. Natural pearls require extra care and can be passed down to your family members when well-preserved.

We are designing and crafting each collection with great care, through one design draft to the final presentation. Stay tuned for our customized content!

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